Friday, January 21, 2011

ASSET-Career Guidance Session

Dear Friends

For the past ten years ASSET (Association for Social Studies Educators and Teachers) has been endeavoring to highlight the importance of achieving excellence in the vital field of Social Studies; with the aim to improve the social well being of the teacher as well as students. Keeping this vision in mind this month ASSET is organizing a session on “Career Guidance”. This session will be equally beneficial to the teachers as well as students. The details for the session are as follows:

Individual careers will always be a delicate matter where people must carefully plan where they envision themselves or how they see themselves now and after some years from now. Career planning can be a challenging task as individuals are faced with choices, changes, and obstacles such as:
1. How do I decide what type of career goals are right for me?
2. What field of study should I pursue?
3. My career goals are different from what my family thinks they should be.

By the end of this session the participants will be able to:
• Access where the student is and where they are starting from in the career planning process.
• Explore the student’s career interests, values, aptitudes, skills and lifestyle preferences in relation to possible careers.
• Help students realize the importance of setting goals for their future

Profile of Speaker:
Raza Abbas is a dual graduate in Business Administration and Communication from The University of Arizona, United States. Raza is also a graduate from the Arizona Blue Chip Program, (only 04 year personal leadership program in the US) and has earned a certification in Organizational Development from Arizona Collegiate Institute for Leadership. Last but not the least he has acquired training from Career Services Department at The University of Arizona.
 He feels grateful to possess more than a decade of global experience in Career Development, Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, etc.
 He has coached master trainers and trained thousand’s of employees and students.
 He introduced professional career counseling in Pakistan for the Education & Literacy Department, Government of Sind, BBSYDP Program.
 He also introduced career development in Pakistan for the Sports & Youth Affairs Department, Government of Sind, INSYPRE Program.

Who should/can participate?
• The session is open to all students and teachers of Pakistan.
• Each school will be required to send the students from Classes IX, X, XI & XII.
• Each group of students must be accompanied by one or more teachers from the school.

Event Date and Venue
The Career Guidance session will be held at The Institute for Educational Development (AKU-IED) on Saturday February 12, 2011 starting at 9:00 am sharp.
 Participants will be required to arrive latest by 8:30 am.
 Attendance and related formalities will be completed by 8:55 am to ensure that the session starts on time at 9:00 am.
 The event will end at about 1:30pm.

Last date of registration
 Schools are requested to send in the duly completed registration form (attached) latest by February 8, 2011.
 The registration form must be completed in all respects and the names of the students and accompanying teachers must be clearly spelled and presented in CAPITAL letters.
 The forms must be submitted at PTAN Office, IED.

Registration Fee
 Charge per student: Rs. 200 each
 Institutional members are allowed to send only 1 teacher.
For additional teachers Rs. 100/- will be charged per teacher.

The total amount must be submitted at PTAN Office, either in cash or in the form of a pay order in the name of AKU-IED, along with the attached
registration form. Please confirm your participation before February 8, 2011

We urge you to take part in this novel event and contribute in its success. Please feel free to contact the undersigned or the PTAN Office if you have any query or require clarifications.

Looking forward to your continued support and cooperation